Lace Details

coral sweater
lace shorts
lace shorts
aritzia open back sweater
blogger lace shorts
Photos by Jackie Lau
Open back sweater: Babaton via Aritzia; Lace shorts: AliExpress; Sneakers: H&M

I’ve been looking for a pair of these lace shorts like these since forever and finally found these after a friend introduced me to It’s like Asian Ebay heaven. Seriously, you can basically find any on-trend clothing item for a ridiculously low price. Sometimes the quality isn’t that great, but hey, for $5-10 items I ain’t complaining. Mixing high and low-end items together is the way to go, no?

On another note, I’ve been learning to spend more time reflecting and being grateful for all the blessings in my life. If you ask me what the greatest sin is – I would say worrying. When you’re worrying, you’re not trusting and you’re not opening your eyes to see the good. Envision yourself where you want to be, but at the same time enjoy the process and don’t stress about the unknown. I’m challenging myself to truly see myself as the person I want to be and making changes to get there. The idiom – “Seeing is believing” has it backwards. Believing is seeing. What you believe becomes your reality. You see what you want to see.