Lulu’s Labor Day Sale

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Shop LuLu*s Labor Day Sale!

Let’s face it. We all love a great sale at our favorite store. We anticipate holiday weekends not only for the extra days off work, but for the fantastic shopping opportunities that await. Lucky for us, LuLu*s has delivered! They have some amazing deals this Labor Day Weekend – including up to $35 off site wide! You can shop this great deal here. Happy Shopping!

Get $15 off a purchase of $100 or more at LuLu*s Labor Day Sale! Use Code: 15OFF100

Get $25 off a purchase of $150 or more at LuLu*s Labor Day Sale! Use Code: 25OFF150

Get $35 off a purchase of $200 or more at LuLu*s Labor Day Sale! Use Code: 35OFF200

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3 Tips for Staying Healthy When Eating Out

healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to avoid spending time with family and friends out at restaurants. Here are some tips to help you dine out and stay healthy at the same time.

1) Look up the menu beforehand
If you know you’re going to be heading to a restaurant in the near future, look up their menu online so you have an idea of what they serve. Some restaurants even post their nutritional info and calories online. Avoid items that are deep fried, battered or contain a lot of sauce. If it doesn’t look like there’s any healthy options on the menu, don’t be afraid to ask for modifications. Ask if you can have your meat ‘grilled’ instead of ‘fried,’ ask for light/no oil, less salt and no MSG. When ordering salad ask for dressing on the side or go without and ask for some olive oil and lemon.

2) Ask for a separate plate/bowl
If you eat straight from the dish it’s difficult to portion control. Restaurants usually give you way more food that you need and each dish is enough for 2-3 portions. Ask for a separate plate or bowl so that when your dish comes, you can portion out what you want to eat. Or even better – ask for a take out box right away so you can pack up ~1/2 your meal for later.

3) Eat slowly
Our brain realizes that we are full about 20 mins later so take your time to chew and enjoy your food.

If all else fails, just enjoy your meal and time spent with loved ones. As I’ve said before, one unhealthy meal will not make you fat. Don’t be too hard on yourself and continue to make healthy choices afterwards. Living healthy requires dedication and persistence, but it is also about balance and having a positive mindset. If I know I have a planned dinner, celebratory feast, etc. coming up, then I’ll try not to have any extra treats on the days leading up to it or I’ll push a little harder during my workout on the day of. Life is short so enjoy yourself and work hard!

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It’s All in Your Hands

striped dress
herschel tote
Photos by Jackie Lau
Striped dress: Sheinside; Ionic cape cardigan: Community via Aritzia; Tote: Herschel (similar here); Shoes: Birkenstock

“Favour often comes in the form of challenges.” Wise words said to me by my friend yesterday. The deep end just became deeper and if there’s ever been a time where I’ve had to trust, it is now. I’m telling myself every moment that I will not be given more than I can handle, so there’s no need to fear. The old fruit must be cut off before stronger branches can grow.



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