How to find a toner that suits you?

December 17, 2017 By style

How to find a toner that suits you?

The hunt for the perfect facial cosmetics troubles all women across the globe. You can gather information about a particular product from a friend and end up buying it but it can be all for naught because it might not suit your skin and give you nasty rashes. It is tricky and can often be extremely frustrating to find the right kind of products from your skin. It should also be kept in mind that you cannot trust all companies. Many of them are simply not upto the mark. Many of them are highly overrated. However, there is a silver lining in this cloud that you can find by following simple steps.

Experienced company

You can easily trust a company that has been in a particular business for a long stretch of time. This is a company that knows what its customers require and makes quality products with higher success rates than the companies that are just starting.

However, just an experience might not be the key to finding perfect skin products. You might need to put some of their products on your own skin to test whether it suits you or not. While searching for the perfect skin toner, you should look for the perfect composition that does not contain any harmful chemical.


Like mentioned earlier, composition is a very important point to keep in mind when you are looking for a skin toner– there are certain companies that infuse alcohol into their skin toners to give the instant refreshed effect but there are more harmful long-term effects that only people who have been using toners for a long time will know.

Alcohol makes one’s skin harsher and inflicts other long-term damages to the surface of the skin which does more harm than good. When searching for a toner, you should thus always look for the composition of the facial toner on the back of the label and avoid toners containing harmful ingredients.

How to use toner for best results

The usage of toners is mainly to purge the skin of make-ups, oils, and toxic ingredients. One tends to apply toner on the face right before going to sleep with cotton on their face. It is the commonest method of using a skin toner. However, the best method of applying skin toners is to apply cleaning oil evenly on the face before application of the toner. This results in deeper cleaning and keeps the skin from harm’s way.


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